New Ford F-550 Superduty Trucks for Sale in Exeter, PA

New Ford F-550

An In-Depth Look at the Immensely Capable Ford F-550 Work Truck

The key to getting work done is having the right partner, both on the job and the road. Commercial workers in Exeter, PA, will agree that there's no better companion than the powerful Ford F-550 work truck. A versatile chassis cab with a variety of heavy-duty body types, the F-550 is honorably the jack-of-all-trades. Perfect for just about any job, the Ford F-550 offers the best of power, performance, and adaptability in a heavy-duty work truck.

Barber Ford is the largest commercial vehicle center in Northeast PA, proudly serving Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, and Dickson City.The resilient F-550 is certified for those who need to dominate the playing field. Discover the new Ford F-550 and learn why this all-purpose chassis cab truck is poised to accelerate your business like never before.

Performance Specs

The Ford F-550's many body styles come equipped with either a gasoline or diesel powertrain, both V8's. Some models feature a 6.8-liter V10, like the Ford F-550 Stake Bed. Equipped with hydraulic brakes and a 6.7-liter gas engine, this heavy-duty hauler has no trouble producing 440 horsepower.  Depending on the needs of your commercial business, we can help find the engine that's ideal for your F-550 as well as a unique body style. Supported by a robust 4x4 suspension, the F-550 is sufficient on all-terrain and heavy enough to ensure you maintain a strong grip on the roads.


Safety is important when it comes to managing your commercial business, but just how safe is the Ford F-550?  We're excited to share that the F-550 is among the safest chassis cab trucks in the area. It includes a handful of innovative safety solutions, including standard features like:

  • Brake Assist
  • Power Steering
  • ABS
  • Traction Control
  • Advanced Airbag System
  • And more!

Body Style By Brand

Our fleet of unique body styles come from various brands, including:

  • Knapheide
  • Duramag
  • Rugby
  • Reading
  • Switch N Go
  • Morgan
  • Godwin Inventory

Body Styles

  • Cab Chassis - The classic Chassis Cab body has no bed attached to the truck, leaving the chassis exposed in the rear. This is most common on medium-duty trucks that offer maximum versatility on a variety of jobs.
  • Contractor Body - The Contractor Body is the handiest of all available bed configurations, which is just what every contractor needs on the job in Pennsylvania. This adaptable body style features service cabinets on the outside, a spacious bed for cargo, and lumber/ladder racks on the top.
  • Dry Freight - The Dry Freight Body offers an abundance of enclosed cargo space, perfect for heavy-duty hauling, trailering, and assistance when moving to a new house.
  • Dump Body - The Dump Body resembles a classic pickup truck with a moveable bed in the rear of the truck. Perfect for loading, hauling, and transporting materials, the dump body is a multi-purpose cab that's good for everything from landscaping to garbage duty.
  • Hoolift Body - The Hooklift Body features a retractable hydraulic arm that's ideal for hooking on and moving shipping containers, dumpsters, or even a trailer.  This system also works with a traditional dump body that hooks and slides into place from the ground.
  • Platform Body - The Platform Body utilizes a flatbed like a tow truck would for transporting large materials.  This body works well for transporting vehicles and tying down large equipment that's square to the bed.
  • Service Body - The Service Body comes equipped with extra storage in the bed, including deep cabinets on either side. This configuration is similar to the dump body but with more enclosed storage for gear and electrical equipment.
  • Stake Bed - The Stake Bed features a semi-enclosed bed with wooden stake pockets along the outside of the cab. These stakes come together to form a type of fence that's good for keeping in animals and multi-purpose use on the farm.

Contact Us to Learn More

Here at Barber Ford, we have commercial units ready for immediate delivery.  With over 75 super duties in stock with limitless build capabilities, we're confident that you'll be able to find the right accommodation for your Ford F-550.  We have master certified commercial account managers and service fleets of all sizes - small business to corporate organizations.  To learn more and to schedule a test drive of the new Ford F-550, please call or contact us online today!

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